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Erika Johnston
Jackson, WY

I love your O.S.M. oatmeal. It is a delicious, and healthy alternative for breakfast. I love to add in berries and some of your granola to give it a crunch! Thank you for a great product!

Heath Kelly
West Rutland, VT

In summer of 2009, I had one of the best waffles I’ve ever had at the Bunnery in downtown Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After returning home to Vermont, all I could think about was the beautiful scenery of Jackson, and the delicious O.S.M. waffle I had. I found this website, and there it was, their very own waffle mix. I was in heaven! Now I get to eat these waffles right here in my own home!

Amy Erickson
Westchester, New York

My favorite place to ski is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where a warming breakfast makes all the difference. The best place in town to get the day off to a delicious start is The Bunnery, a cozy place that fills every breakfast fanatic’s dream. Mine is pancakes, and The Bunnery makes an irresistibly nutty, rustic pancake full of healthy ingredients. And not only can you take the mix home, it makes waffles, too!

An Ex New Yorker
New York, New York

On a recent visit to Jackson Hole I stopped by the Bunnery for breakfast(day in and day out). Each morning I had the chance to linger over a copy of the New York Times (yes, available in Jackson Hole). As a creature of habit I had the same breakfast every day over the course of my visit. I do not like “fancy foods” and found the perfect, something simple. An old fashioned granola. It was like something I could have found in an old general store. This granola is..well, simply put…it is just simple. There’s just not a whole, heck of a lot going on in there. In this day in age when my mouth just is completely confused by all the “stuff” thrown into my food – I found a slice of simple heaven. Just an old fashioned, crunchy,hearty granola with a touch of brown sugar, oats and sesame seeds (a nice surprise). I took home 4 bags.. unfortunately, they are long gone..


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